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Photos, video from 49ers Museum opening for media

The San Francisco 49ers unveiled their new 49ers Museum. We have a compilation of photos and video from social media, and this museum looks pretty awesome.

A re-creation of Bill Walsh's Redwood City office
A re-creation of Bill Walsh's Redwood City office
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The San Francisco 49ers new stadium will feature a huge museum loaded with an assortment of memorabilia, and interactive exhibits. The 49ers Museum will open to the public on Friday, August 8. If you're looking to take the museum tour, here's the breakdown in pricing (this does not include an overall stadium tour, which is another $25):

Adults: $12
Discounted groups (youth, seniors, military): $8

Adults: $15
Discounted groups (youth, seniors, military): $10

In the meantime, the museum was opened to the media earlier today, and they provided some great photos and videos of a lot of exhibits. This does not show everything at the museum, but it gives you a good idea of what is there. There is also an educational center that will discuss 49ers history. It's definitely worth a trip if you live in or get out to the Bay Area. At the end of the article I've posted a rundown of all

Matt Barrows put together a 1:29 video looking at some of exhibits and statues:

Matt Maiocco with a shorter compilation video hitting some of the high points:

The coolest thing at the 49ers Museum might be the re-creation of Bill Walsh's old Redwood City office. His son Craig donated a variety of items to re-create the office. Here are some pictures of it:



Interactive Exhibits

Full list of galleries

TRENDING -- Welcome! Step into our augmented reality scene, take in our What's Happening display-which features 49ers social media and Web site content, and everything you will want to know about what's happening in the Museum-or have a seat in some of Candlestick's original seats.

MORABITO THEATER -- Inside the theater-which seats 90 and features a 50' x 18' screen and Sony 4K technology-you'll be inspired by the story of the 49ers as told through film.

EDWARD J. DEBARTOLO, SR. 49ERS HALL OF FAME -- Walk amongst life-statues of our Hall of Famers in their signature poses. Snap a photo next to Coach Bill Walsh, stand beside Jerry Rice or put yourself in the huddle with the Million Dollar Backfield.

TEAM -- Listen to our alumni tell you first-person stories about what it was like to play for the 49ers, or enjoy an interactive database that allows visitors to learn more about every player that ever wore a 49ers uniform.

BILL WALSH INNOVATION -- This re-creation of Coach Walsh's Redwood City office serves as both a treasure trove of artifacts and the home of a feature film on Coach Walsh. Also enjoy the Bill Walsh Coaching Universe, an interactive exhibit that chronicles the coach's vast impact on the coaching ranks of professional football.

HERITAGE -- This era-by-era display of historical items, stories, interactive exhibits and one-of-a-kind artifacts is engaging on every level. Spanning the years of 1946 until the present day, guests will leave the Heritage gallery with a deep appreciation for the history and tradition that are so important to the 49ers organization.

SPIRIT -- The 49ers have long been known as innovators when it comes to the fan experience. Here, guests can take in the history behind the team's mascots, in-game entertainment and other joyful elements of football.

DENISE DEBARTOLO YORK EDUCATION CENTER -- The pillar around which the Museum's education program is built, this state-of-the-art classroom serves more than 20,000 Bay Area children annually and also offers content on how the 49ers impact the community in many positive ways.

IN THE GAME -- Get ready to engage with the game of football. In the Game offers multiple interactive challenges and exhibits, including a passing and kicking simulator, Be the Broadcaster, and the Gridiron Challenge, a series of motion-driven, gesture-based challenges that bring out the athlete, cheerleader, uniform designer and touchdown scorer in everyone.

BY THE NUMBERS - Numbers are a huge part of the game of football, so we made them an intriguing part of our Museum. Take a stroll through a mosaic of figures that have a special significance to the red & gold.

SUPER BOWLS -- The home to the 49ers five Lombardi trophies and the rings associated with each championship is each guest's last stop in the Museum. Enjoy the photo opportunity while you take in yet another feature film on what it was like to be a part of 49ers history.