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Ian Williams evaluated by Trent Baalke, head doctor, and strength coach

49ers nose tackle Ian Williams performed some drills for Trent Baalke, the head doctor, and the team’s strength coach. What does it all mean?!


San Francisco 49ers nose tackle Ian Williams continues to rehab his broken ankle, and had the latest update. They reported on general manager Trent Baalke, the head doctor, and their strength coach took a look at Williams as he did some work. This is part of an article featuring 15 observations before the Ravens game:

Nose tackle Ian Williams was evaluated on the turf practice field by general manager Trent Baalke and the team's head doctor and strength coach. Williams did a couple of sled drills, the same ones the defensive line do during warmups. Williams punched a few of the bags and moved down the line, showing his stance and acceleration to demonstrate his health status for the 49ers brass.

The 49ers have not specified where Williams is with his rehab timeline. He has been doing a lot of work, but we don't know if he is a day away, a week away, or what. Without knowing how the team officials assessed Williams's performance in these drills, we can't tell what it means. But, I figured it was at least worth sharing.

Having notable officials assessing Williams would hopefully be a positive, indicating he is getting close to a return. If he was further away from getting back, maybe those officials are not checking him out on these drills. Ideally he gets activated off the PUP list before the 49ers second preseason game. Maybe he would not play in that game, but if they can get him back in game action by Week 3, then he probably would be close to ready to dive back in.

Quinton Dial is reportedly showing some serious strength, so this could very well be less of an issue. At the same time, Dial has more versatility than Williams, so having Williams AND Dial available would be preferred.