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49ers roster by jersey number for preseason opener vs. Ravens

Here is a complete list of the 49ers roster in order of jersey number. It should help when the bottom of the roster is entering the game in the fourth quarter.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers open their 2014 preseason schedule Thursday evening against the Baltimore Ravens, which means we will have a whole lot of players on the field with which we are not quite familiar. The 49ers have 82 players on the active roster, 8 players on PUP or NFI lists, and then 2 on injured reserve. They also have No. 75 Alex Boone on Reserve/Did Not Report list, but since we won't see him in Baltimore, with a jersey or not, I did not include him.

I did NOT include players that we are virtually certain will not play. This includes Tramaine Brock, Michael Crabtree, Anthony Davis, LaMichael James, Brandon Lloyd, Ray McDonald, and Justin Smith. Chris Culliver has missed some practices recently, but I think there's a better chance he plays.

The first listing can be sorted by jersey number, name, or position. Below that, I've created a table that splits them up by offense, defense, and special teams. It is not sortable. I have yet to find a number for L'Damian Washington, so if anybody has caught wind of that, let me know in the comments. I don't think I missed anybody else, but if you think I missed something, let me know. Fooch's Update: Washington is 82, per CreditsDue.

# Name Pos
01 Johnson, Josh QB
02 Gabbert, Blaine QB
03 Ellington, Bruce WR
04 Lee, Andy P
05 Bethel-Thompson, McLeod QB
06 Schmidt, Colton P
07 Kaepernick, Colin QB
09 Dawson, Phil K
10 Reed, David WR
11 Patton, Quinton WR
13 Johnson, Stevie WR
14 Osgood, Kassim WR
17 Jacobs, Chuck WR
19 Wylie, Devon WR
20 Cox, Perrish CB
21 Gore, Frank RB
22 Cook, Chris CB
24 Bethea, Antoine S
25 Ward, Jimmie DB
27 Spillman, C.J. S
28 Hyde, Carlos RB
29 Culliver, Chris CB
30 Smith, Alfonso RB
31 Winston, Glenn RB
33 Hampton, Jewel RB
35 Reid, Eric S
36 Johnson, Dontae CB
38 Acker, Kenneth CB
40 Greene, Kevin TE
40 Morris, Darryl CB
41 Ventrone, Bubba S
43 Dahl, Craig S
44 Skov, Shayne LB
45 Cleveland, Asante TE
45 Campbell, D.J. S
46 Carrier, Derek TE
46 McCray, James S
47 McDermott, Kevin LS
48 Thomas, Chase LB
48 Tukuafu, Will FB
49 Miller, Bruce FB
50 Borland, Chris LB
51 Skuta, Dan LB
52 Willis, Patrick LB
54 Moody, Nick LB
55 Brooks, Ahmad LB
56 Costanzo, Blake LB
57 Wilhoite, Michael LB
59 Lynch, Aaron LB
61 Philipp, Michael T
62 Seymour, Ryan G
63 Farrell, Dillon G/C
63 Jerod-Eddie, Tony DT
64 Purcell, Mike DT
65 Netter, Al G
66 Martin, Marcus C
67 Kilgore, Daniel G/C
68 Snyder, Adam G
69 Bykowski, Carter T
71 Martin, Jonathan T
74 Staley, Joe T
77 Iupati, Mike G
78 Looney, Joe G
81 Boldin, Anquan WR
83 Dobbs, Demarcus DT
85 Davis, Vernon TE
86 Nelson, Kyle LS
89 McDonald, Vance TE
92 Dial, Quinton DT
95 Carradine, Tank DT
96 Lemonier, Corey LB
98 Okoye, Lawrence DL
99 Smith, Aldon LB

Offense - Defense - Special Teams

# Name Pos # Name Pos # Name Pos
1 Johnson, Josh QB 20 Cox, Perrish CB 4 Lee, Andy P
2 Gabbert, Blaine QB 22 Cook, Chris CB 6 Schmidt, Colton P
3 Ellington, Bruce WR 24 Bethea, Antoine S 9 Dawson, Phil K
5 Bethel-Thompson, McLeod QB 25 Ward, Jimmie DB 47 McDermott, Kevin LS
7 Kaepernick, Colin QB 27 Spillman, C.J. S 86 Nelson, Kyle LS
10 Reed, David WR 29 Culliver, Chris CB
11 Patton, Quinton WR 35 Reid, Eric S
13 Johnson, Stevie WR 36 Johnson, Dontae CB
14 Osgood, Kassim WR 38 Acker, Kenneth CB
17 Jacobs, Chuck WR 40 Morris, Darryl CB
19 Wylie, Devon WR 41 Ventrone, Bubba S
21 Gore, Frank RB 43 Dahl, Craig S
28 Hyde, Carlos RB 44 Skov, Shayne LB
30 Smith, Alfonso RB 45 Campbell, D.J. S
31 Winston, Glenn RB 46 McCray, James S
33 Hampton, Jewel RB 48 Thomas, Chase LB
40 Greene, Kevin TE 50 Borland, Chris LB
45 Cleveland, Asante TE 51 Skuta, Dan LB
46 Carrier, Derek TE 52 Willis, Patrick LB
48 Tukuafu, Will FB 54 Moody, Nick LB
49 Miller, Bruce FB 55 Brooks, Ahmad LB
61 Philipp, Michael T 56 Costanzo, Blake LB
62 Seymour, Ryan G 57 Wilhoite, Michael LB
63 Farrell, Dillon G/C 59 Lynch, Aaron LB
65 Netter, Al G 63 Jerod-Eddie, Tony DT
66 Martin, Marcus C 64 Purcell, Mike DT
67 Kilgore, Daniel G/C 83 Dobbs, Demarcus DT
68 Snyder, Adam G 92 Dial, Quinton DT
69 Bykowski, Carter T 95 Carradine, Tank DT
71 Martin, Jonathan T 96 Lemonier, Corey LB
74 Staley, Joe T 98 Okoye, Lawrence DL
77 Iupati, Mike G 99 Smith, Aldon LB
78 Looney, Joe G
81 Boldin, Anquan WR
85 Davis, Vernon TE
89 McDonald, Vance TE
82 Washington, L'Damian WR