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49ers vs. Ravens: How to watch the game online and on replay

The 49ers and Ravens square off in a preseason game that most people will be able to see either in the Bay Area on CBS, or nationally on NFL Network. If you are outside the Bay Area and do not get NFL Network (or will just be away from a TV), there are ways to watch the game online and on TV.


The San Francisco 49ers are on the east coast Thursday evening to face the Baltimore Ravens in their preseason opener tonight. I've already gotten a lot of questions about how to watch the game, so now seemed as good a time as any to break it down.

Today's game will be broadcast in the Bay Area on KPIX-5 (CBS), and in Baltimore on WBAL. The game will also be broadcast nationally on NFL Network. Three of the 49ers four preseason games will be broadcast nationally with Week 1 and 2 on NFL Network, and Week 3 as Sunday's FOX Game of the Week. All four games will also be broadcast locally, in the Bay Area on CBS, and then in the local region of the opposing team.

If you do not have NFL Network, you can watch 49ers games in one of two ways:

1. Live online stream - For $20, you can purchase access to all preseason action via's Preseason Live. This allows you to watch games live, and on replay. There is a $5 discount code that might still work: DTV25

2. NFL Network replay - NFL Network re-broadcasts various preseason games in the days following the initial live broadcast. This week's 49ers-Ravens game will be re-broadcast on NFL Network on the following days and times (all times Pacific):

  • Sunday, August 10 - 3:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday, August 13 - 5:00 p.m.