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Vote on the new NN Podcast name

Brendan Smialowski

It's time to vote on the Niners Nation podcast title. We had a variety of names suggested, but these received the top recs. As we have done with our big board voting, you can rank your five favorite titles. 1 will receive 5 points, 2 will receive 4 points, 3 will receive 3 points, 4 will receive 2 points, and 5 will receive 1 point.

The tool we use is a little funky in how it sets up names, so I had to post each suggested title without spaces. You should be able to figure them out, but in case there is any confusion, these are the full titles, in order:

4th and 9 Podcast
Golden Gobblers: Turkey Talk
Gold Faithful Podcast
Gold Mine Chat
Mighty Men Podcast
Not Quite Geniuses Podcast
Run The Hill Podcast
The Inconvenient Podcast
The Khakicast
Tre and Js Memorial Niner Podcast

I'll leave the poll open for a few days, so go ahead and vote away. You pick your top five, in order, and we'll see how it shakes out.