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49ers Aldon Smith sits out preseason opener, likely due to meeting with Roger Goodell

49ers OLB Aldon Smith reportedly met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Thursday. He was expected to meet with him Friday, but Ted Robinson announced otherwise.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

According to reports, San Francisco 49ers outside linebacker Aldon Smith had his meeting with Roger Goodell earlier today. Initially Smith was expected to meet with him on Friday, but Ted Robinson said during the broadcast that Smith met with Goodell earlier today. I did not hear it live myself, but I've now seen three different people indicate they heard it.

Aldon Smith did not play in the preseason opener against the Ravens, but Matt Barrows tweeted that Smith was in uniform. If this meeting information is correct, my guess would be that Aldon was up in New York City this morning, and got back in time for the game. Given the round-trip travel, it makes sense he would not play in tonight's game.

I would imagine he will be back for practices, and then will play next week against the Broncos. Once the league decides on a suspension (if any), it will start Week 1 of the regular season, pending any additional appeal.