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49ers vs. Ravens recap: Tre's notes from a re-play a day later

Tre took a look back at the 49ers-Ravens preseason opener, and put together a rundown of his thoughts on various performances. Drop in your own thoughts as well.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

After having issues watching the game Thursday night, I decided it was best to just wait until Friday morning and re-watch it so I could take notes, pause, rewind, etc. All-in-all it was a decent game in that it showed some positives and negatives, and I think that's all you really want from a preseason game. That, and no injuries.

Here are my notes from the game. They are in "mind-dump" form, so nothing super in-depth, just observations.

  • Joe Looney got too high on his block on 3rd and goal on opening series.
  • Daniel Kilgore also got tossed aside on that play.
  • Chris Borland is 4' tall.
  • Borland runs like he's hurt, like he has a bad wheel.
  • I think Wilhoite looks pretty good. Stronger, athletic, etc.
  • Borland is pretty good when he reads the play, and in a phone-booth.
  • Borland wasn't able to even get close on the goal-line touchdown run. Out-muscled.
  • Bruce Ellington looks nice as a kick returner thus-far. Need to see more punt returns, but arrow-up.
  • Mike Iupati actually missed a block on a linebacker during the second series, which made the right side look bad, when it was Iupati's man who came through virtually un-touched.
  • Vance McDonald is strong after the catch. He'll either truck you, or drag you with him. This is a departure from what we see with Vernon Davis.
  • I don't know why Patton pushed off on the second drive, it was a decent throw, but I'm just going to go ahead and blame Blaine Gabbert anyway.
  • That Tank Carradine play makes me smile.
  • If you want a laugh, watch Borland jump and splat onto the turf at 13:48 in the second quarter.
  • And then Borland launches himself into Quinton Dial on the next play. Maybe he should keep the feet planted.
  • I think the Blaine Gabbert experiment should end. Why keep taking snaps from someone who might actually have upside?
  • Jewel Hampton looks a bit like Kendall Hunter in that he's short in statute and quick with the ball in his hands. He runs with less power than I remember, though.
  • There you go Chris Borland. Special teams tackles are your ticket at this point. I know he'll make the roster, but right now he's best as a special teamer while he learns more about playing ILB in the NFL.
  • Quinton Dial, man. What a great thing to have a guy like that, and to have him emerge just as Glenn Dorsey goes out with an injury.
  • I don't think that Gabbert understands quarterbacking. I think he's a thrower, plain and simple. He can throw a football, but he has no idea where, when, etc. He might have completed the pass to Derek Carrier (that ended up an INT) if he had thrown it much earlier in the play, and more to the inside of the field. Instead he threw it RIGHT to the coverage of Asa Jackson.
  • Borland wore the green dot in the second half, for whatever that's worth.
  • CHRIS COOK INTERCEPTION!?!?!? He read Tyrod Taylor's eyes the whole time, broke on the ball, and CAUGHT IT!
  • I think Josh Johnson could have hit Carrier on the seam route if he threw it earlier, before the safety had a chance to get over there. He hesitated, likely because Ellington stumbled on the underneath route, and that was the difference.
  • Nice job by Nick Moody to disengage an OL and make a play around the 10 minute mark in the third quarter.
  • Dontae Johnson in great coverage on the following play, nearly picked off the pass down the right sideline.
  • This is the second year that I've felt that Josh Johnson better replicates Colin Kaepernick than the other backups. The option run to the right sideline in the third quarter illustrated that. Of course, Johnson needs to be a better passer, and he's not really on Kaepernick's level, but you get the point.
  • Bruce Ellington has great acceleration to get going once the ball is in his hands. He's going to make a big play here and there if he plays this season.
  • I don't know if you blame Johnson for the fumbled snap, or the backup center Dillon Farrell. Just keep in mind it wasn't Daniel Kilgore.
  • Nice coverage by Darryl Morris, but I'd like to see him get his head around on the play. I'm looking forward to seeing him in the next three pre-season games though.
  • Derek Carrier with a special teams tackle (fourth quarter) has to have helped his case to be the third TE on the roster.
  • Colin Kaepernick's chemistry with everyone on the team, he's not just making small-talk, it's plain to see by the way they interact, he's one of them. Not many QBs have that.
  • If Chris Borland is 4' tall, Bubba Ventrone is 3' tall...
  • I thought Chase Thomas had a solid game. He faces uphill odds to make the squad, but with Aldon Smith's potential suspension looming, perhaps Thomas finds a way onto the team.
  • Quinton Dial could not be stopped, albeit mostly backups he faced, but he kept his stamina throughout.