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49ers-Ravens game thread word clouds

What did you all think of the game? Let's look!

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

This is something I've been tinkering with for a while, and something that I find sort of entertaining. It's a quick snap shot of how we all act during games. Specifically, it's word clouds showing how often certain words were used.

Now, this is not an exact science. While I hid each user's signature so as not to dilute the sample, and I did my best to remove words that would be part of usernames and such, I'm sure it didn't come out perfect. But, hey. The Niners weren't perfect last night, so why should I have to be, am I right?

Here's a glance, by quarter, at how you all felt about the San Francisco 49ers performance against the Baltimore Ravens. The bigger the word, the more often it was used.

First Quarter


People seemed genuinely excited to get things going. The team name was tossed out there quite a bit, along with words like "good." A few years back, I'd probably chalk that word use up to preceding the word "grief," but now things are different for the better.

Carlos Hyde was mentioned quite a bit for a reason. He had some excellent carries and showed us right off the bat the physicality and down-hill mentality he had at Ohio State. So, that was awesome.

Defense was mentioned a lot, which has a direct correlation in that while we saw it mentioned a lot, we didn't see it on the field very much. The defense, by all accounts, needs to improve. Yeah, many starters were out. But we also brag about the team's depth. I'd have liked to see a little more.

Second Quarter


Oh, hey there Blaine Gabbert. I know that the folks and I in the bar were laughing at his performance. But then some a-hole brought up the fact that he is our backup quarterback -- you, know, the dude who would immediately play if some horrible thing that I will not mention happens.

"Preseason" was noted quote a bit. This was likely part where we all convinced ourselves that none of this actually matters. I mean, we know it kind of does, and really does in some sense, but in the big picture doesn't at all. Ya know?

That's a mighty big Okoye you have there, sir. More than anything, I think people were happy to see him in a uniform and on the field. There's a draw to this guy, because of how strange his path to the NFL was. If he somehow pans out, we may need to put up a statue of Jim Tomsula for reals, you guys.

Third Quarter


"Looks" was big in the second quarter. "Looked" was big in the third quarter. Were people, at this point, done actively watching the game and chit chatting about what they'd seen in the first half?

Gabbert. Still too big for my comfort. Josh Johnson captured some raised eyebrows of approvals it seems. I think that we can all agree that we really need to get a bigger Johnson moving forward.

Chris Cook seemed to pop up, as he continues to be a nice surprise out of camp.

Fourth Quarter


Y'all really wanted to keep talking about Blaine Gabbert, didn't you?

I really could have been better off without seeing the word "injury" show up in this.

"LOL," present in the second and third quarter threads prominently got a bit smaller, so I think that is good. The word "better" pops up, so it would seem folks may have been more pleased with this quarter than some of the others.

All in all, the snap shot shows me that we all recognized this was a practice game. The use of the words [site decorum] and [site decorum] can be seen, but not very largely. So, I think we all found a way to keep our emotions at bay relatively well. However, there did seem to be some concern over a few things.

So, basically, it's the pre-season and fans are doing what fans are doing.

Welcome back football!