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49ers, Ravens joint practices get underway Saturday

Will we see a fight? My money is on "yes."

I was totally on board with a joint practice between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens, even after the Super Bowl. However, I think it's ... just a little weird that the practice is coming immediately after a preseason game. To me, this creates a whole lot more potential for fights and bad blood, but hey -- I'm not exactly an expert on the temperament of football players.

On Saturday and going through Monday, the 49ers will visit with the Ravens and hold joint practices at the Under Armour Performance Center. I'm sure both coaches have informed their players that fighting won't be tolerated, but I honestly think it's a foregone conclusion at this point.

Somebody is going to get thrown out on Saturday ... probably multiple somebodies. That's all I know. I wish I could log on to Bovado or some such site right now and throw down some money on which players are likely to get into fights first. Sure, might be a little messed up to do that but hey, it'd be fun, right?

Whatever the case, Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith seems to think it'll be a good time. He said that it's going to feel "like four games in a row during those practices" because the 49ers have a "tough team," as reported by Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun. Smith also couldn't help but make a Super Bowl joke, saying that he might wear his ring to practice. That would certainly cause a fight or two.