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Alex Smith signs 4-year, $68 million extension

Looks like Alex Smith is sticking around Kansas City a little while longer. The former 49ers quarterback signed a 4-year extension over the weekend.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

And you thought we'd avoid this story entirely on the front page! It looks like old friend Alex Smith will be sticking around with the Kansas City Chiefs for a little while longer. The former 49ers quarterback was due to hit free agency after this season, but he agreed to terms on a 4-year contract extension with the Kansas City Chiefs.

The new contract is reportedly going to pay Smith $68 million, with $30 million guaranteed at signing, and another $15 million in injury guarantees vests in March 2015. We don't know yet how much of that $30 million is signing bonus money, and how much is salary guarantees. Either way, it's a nice chunk of change for a quarterback most figured was washed out back in 2010.

First off, congratulations to Smith. There will always be question marks about some of his work, but he has found quite possibly the ideal situation in Kansas City. Andy Reid's offensive style suits him, and having Jamaal Charles in the backfield is a huge boon for Smith.

The Chiefs finished 11-5 last season, but they lost quite a bit of talent. They are still a solid team, but with the Denver Broncos expected to dominate the AFC West, the Chiefs will have to deal with a tough San Diego Chargers squad, and whatever else the AFC throws out there in the wild card race.

The 49ers will host the Chiefs on October 5, marking Alex Smith's first game against the 49ers in the Bay Area. The game comes in Week 5, with a quarter of the season wrapped up. We probably will not know exactly what to make of the 49ers given they will still be without NaVorro Bowman and Aldon Smith (and maybe Ray McDonald). I'd say we'll be able to tell more if they are playing well than if they are playing poorly, but that is probably just the homer in me. Either way, that Week 5 matchup should be a big one for both teams.