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Raiders announce Derek Carr as starter; will he be starting by Week 14?

The San Francisco 49ers will face the Oakland Raiders in Week 14. Will newly named starting QB Derek Carr still be in the starting lineup when that game rolls around?

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers "travel" to face the Oakland Raiders in Week 14. The 49ers will have plenty to deal with between now and then, but they should have Aldon Smith back by then, and all indications are that NaVorro Bowman should be back as well. We don't know Ray McDonald's status, but other than that, this team will hopefully be coming on strong by then.

The Oakland Raiders on the other hand face a season with huge question marks. They semi, sort of answered one of those questions Monday afternoon when word got out that Derek Carr had supplanted Matt Schaub as their starting quarterback. The Raiders acquired Schaub earlier this offseason for a sixth round pick, and followed that up by using a second round pick to draft Derek Carr in May.

The Raiders have occasionally shown some signs of improvement, but for the most part they remain a train wreck. I don't really know whether or not they should toss Carr in the heap of this mess, but he has looked better than Schaub in the preseason. I've generally liked the idea of waiting it out, but at this point, who really knows what the Raiders should do.

The bigger question for us is, will Derek Carr be starting for the Raiders when the 49ers come to the Coliseum in week 14?