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49ers vs. Cowboys: Looking at Carlos Hyde Runs, Joe Looney's 'holding' penalty and more

We've got some gifs of Carlos Hyde, Joe Looney, Ahmad Brooks and more from Sunday's win over the Dallas Cowboys.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

So, I've been stepping up my gif production this season. I think there's a ton of value to talk about a play and show the play then and there. I want folks here to tell me what gifs they want, preferably during the game, and I'll make 'em and break down what happened.

Thus far, when it comes to the San Francisco 49ers vs. the Dallas Cowboys, we've already talked about plenty of 'em here on Niners Nation. We took a look at Carlos Hyde's first NFL touchdown, we took a look at a bunch of terrible callsthat went against the 49ers, we took a look at Mike Iupati's Breaking Madden-esque allowed sack and we took a look at the sacks from Justin Smith and some things from Aaron Lynch.

But there's a few more gifs I made. I'm not interested in just dumping those gifs, I'd much rather talk about them in the same we we did above. But I'll keep the analysis light. Most of these were requested by users here. Let's get to it.

Brooks Penalty

Ahmad Brooks Penalty

The FOX broadcast showed Ahmad Brooks' first illegal hands to the face penalty, but I'm assuming the broadcast crew wasn't watching at that point. Because with this on screen, they talked about not seeing the penalty, and then it switched to a slow-motion cut that cut off before the penalty actually occurred. Thus, several 49ers fans were talking about Brooks getting a bogus call for this penalty.

As you can see above ... that's not the case. Brooks most definitely grabbed the facemask and deserved the penalty, as he did the other 20 or 30 times he got penalized in the game.

Dallas Non-Offensive Pass Interference

Dallas Non-OPI

Another popular topic in the thread regarding blown calls was this this play. I didn't show the full play because I thought this angle was the best. There was a clear miscommunication between Tony Romo and Terrance Williams and that football was not catchable. But as I understand it, that doesn't matter in the case of this kind of thing. They were beyond five yards and Williams was pushing the defender for a good three or four yards.

It's the kind of play that, given the other calls made in this game, I'd expect to get called. The Cowboys ended up scoring on the next play, which does make it worse. At the same time, had the other calls not already been made, I probably would have been fine with this play. Whatever the case, folks wanted to see it and here it is.

Looney Holding Penalty

Joe Looney Hold

I really don't think I need to say much about this. That's offensive lineman Joe Looney getting out in space and hitting a Dallas player to block for Frank Gore. One thing to keep in mind on this play: pay close attention to Looney's right arm once he's got his back to the camera -- his arm is folded across his own stomach or close to it, so the part that's touching the Dallas player is his elbow. Show me the holding.

Carlos Hyde is Awesome

Carlos Hyde Run 01

We already got rookie running back Carlos Hyde's touchdown, but this is the run that set up said touchdown. He had a good hole, burst through that hole very effectively, was protecting the ball well and bowled right into the guy who eventually tackled him, not making his job any easier. It's safe to say Hyde is not afraid of contact.

Carlos Hyde Run 02

This is another very similar run to the one above, but Hyde picks up some solid yardage by breaking one tackle and making a smart decision to cut far to the right. Heck, he almost got away from the last guy too, and it would have been an even bigger gain. This run, to me, looks a lot like a Frank Gore run. It's not one cut exactly, but it's one dramatic cut and then he's looking for someone to run into.

Carlos Hyde TD 02

I'm including this one because I had it. It's another angle of Hyde's touchdown, which was just solid. I think it's safe to say that Hyde was probably supposed to try and get up Iupati's right side, but he knows how close the end zone is and he decides those guys aren't going to stop him. Also: look how silly that Cowboys defender looks. The one closest to Hyde at the start of the play. That was ... bad.

Going forward, I'd appreciate any gif requests at my Twitter, @JamesBradySBN. Go Niners!