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NFL Picks Against the Spread, Week 2: TNF, Supercontest and more

The San Francisco 49ers are 6.5-point favorites against the Chicago Bears, although there has been some movement. We take a look at that game, my picks for the LVH SuperContest, and my picks for the remaining games.

Christian Petersen

We're back for another week of picks, and hopefully I can bounce back from the ugliness of last week. Thanks to underdogs running rampant, I finished up 6-10 overall, with my five SuperContest picks finishing up 2-3. I went with the 49ers, Steelers, Buccaneers, Broncos, and Chargers. I hit on the 49ers and Chargers, came close with the Steelers and Bucs, and lost handily with the Chargers.

This week, I'm leaning toward grabbing the 49ers again. They are installed as 6.5-point favorites against the Bears. It's a sizable spread, but this 49ers team is in position to handle their business against Chicago. They should have an even healthier Michael Crabtree, and they face a Bears team that is down two offensive linemen, and could be down an Alshon Jeffery as well. The Bears could surprise, but given how bad their defense is, I could see the 49ers putting up 30+ points. The 49ers need to execute, and inconsistency is always something of which we should be wary, but I really do think this 49ers offense is in a position to put up a big number on Sunday.

I've got a few ideas for my SuperContest picks this week. As a reminder, I get to pick any five games I want. If I pick Thursday NIght Football, I have to get the picks in by Thursday noon PT. This week, I'm looking at the 49ers, Falcons, Bills, Raiders and Chargers. The Jets are intriguing as well. The Packers are a good team, but without B.J. Raji on that defensive line, I wonder if maybe the Jets run game can keep this close.

Here is my full list of picks for the week, starting with Thursday Night Football. I've listed the home team first in all caps. If you're not sure about the + and -, that represents the spread. A plus sign indicates and underdog, and a minus sign indicates a favorite. For example, the Steelers are 2.5-point underdogs, and the Dolphins are 1-point favorites. These odds have likely changed, but for purposes of the SuperContest, the spread is locked in Wednesday night.

RAVENS vs. Steelers (+2.5) - Steelers
PANTHERS vs. Lions (+3) - Panthers
BILLS vs. Dolphins (-1) - Bills
WASHINGTON vs. Jaguars (+6) - Jaguars
TITANS vs. Cowboys (+3.5) - Titans
GIANTS vs. Cardinals (-2.5) - Giants
VIKINGS vs. Patriots (-3) - Patriots
BROWNS vs. Saints (-6.5) - Browns
BENGALS vs. Falcons (+5.5) - Falcons
BUCCANEERS vs. Rams (+5.5) - Bucs
CHARGERS vs. Seahawks (-6) - Chargers
RAIDERS vs. Texans (-3) - Raiders
PACKERS vs. Jets (+8.5) - Jets
BRONCOS vs. Chiefs (+13) - Broncos
49ERS vs. BEARS (+6.5) - 49ers
COLTS vs. Eagles (+3) - Colts