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Greg Roman confirms Bruce Ellington is the third running back

Greg Roman met with the media Thursday, and he provided some insight into the 49ers running back depth chart. Yes, Bruce Ellington will be the third RB.

Thomas B. Shea

San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman met with the media Thursday for his weekly press conference, and he actually gave up some useful information! Roman told the media that Bruce Ellington was in fact going to be the 49ers third running back this Sunday against the Chicago Bears. The beat writers noticed Ellington warming up with the running backs on Wednesday, and were able to get confirmation on Thursday.

Ellington entered the season as the primary return man (leading to the release of LaMichael James), and fairly deep down the wide receiver depth chart. Roman said that Bruce Miller could carry the ball if needed, but I have to think the odds are pretty good that if someone gets an extra carry behind Frank Gore and Carlos Hyde, it is going to be Bruce Ellington.

I am en route to San Francisco for this weekend's game, so I was unable to watch the press conference stream (airplane wifi can't handle it). We'll have a transcript later, but it sounds like the best line might have been this one:

I'm always down for seeing Joe Staley get a chance to make a play on offense: