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Ray McDonald court date Monday likely to involve extension of police investigation

Ray McDonald has a court date on Monday, September 15, for his domestic violence arrest. The police continue to investigate the matter, so an extension is likely going to happen before we learn if charges will be filed.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Ray McDonald is scheduled for his first court date on Monday in connection with his arrest on suspicion of felony domestic violence. The police have been investigating the case for a couple weeks now, and have yet to present it to the district attorney's office. According to legal analyst Steven Clark, the case will be placed on the "no complaint calendar" for Monday, and McDonald will not need to appear on Monday. This does NOT mean charges have been dismissed. Rather, this is appears to basically be a place-holder court date in which there will be an extension for when charges could still be filed.

Matt Barrows wrote earlier today that charges would not be filed today, and that McDonald's court hearing would likely be delayed two weeks. My guess is at that no complaint appearance, a new date for potential arraignment would be determined. The police will finish their investigation, and then pass it along to the DA's office to review and determine if they will pursue the case.

According to Barrows's report, police are investigating the birthday incident, but the investigation is also including a look at a police visit to the house on May 25, as well as a police visit on May 31. This would appear to complicate the investigation a bit as they try and get a handle on what exactly has been going on. We'll likely know a new court date on Monday, and then the wait will continue.