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Quinton Dial expected to be active, Tank Carradine could as well for 49ers-Bears

49ers defensive lineman Quinton Dial tweeted that he is excited for the opportunity on Sunday. It sounds like he will be active for Sunday Night Football. There are also rumors Tank Carradine will be active.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this morning, I wrote about the San Francisco 49ers potential inactives, and mentioned that I was not sure if we would see Tank Carradine or Quinton Dial active in Week 2. Well, it sounds like Dial could very well be active for the 49ers home opener. Dial tweeted this out Saturday evening:

I have heard as well that Tank Carradine is expected to be active as well. My understanding is that Demarcus Dobbs could be inactive, but there is no word on who else would be inactive. The 49ers do not have to submit their inactives until 90 minutes before the game, but it would make sense for them to notify a player ahead of time that he would be active.

Dial and Tank were both inactive in Week 1, as the team went with five defensive linemen instead of six. Aside from Justin Smith, the 49ers defensive line struggled to generate pressure in the pass rush. Additionally, they were run over by DeMarco Murray in the run game. The team might have decided they need to mix things up with their reserves to clean this up. Given the injuries to the Bears wide receivers, they could be in line for a whole lot of Matt Forte. The run defense will have to improve if they are going to contain Forte.

The 49ers will release their inactive list at approximately 4 p.m., so we wait until then.