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49ers vs. Bears pre-game tailgate thread

The PM game thread is loaded up, so I figured I would open a new thread to wrap up those games, and carry us to the inactives at 4pm. And really just sort of a pre-game tailgate open thread sort of deal.

I'm in the house for today's game, with the picture above coming from the press box here at Levi's Stadium. I took a couple tours back in April and June, but getting in here with the field set and almost game-time, and it is definitely a different experience. It should be plenty of fun!

If you're going to be watching NBC leading up to the game, Patrick Willis is going to do an interview with Bob Costas. Here are a few of his comments:

On narrowly losing two NFC Championships and a Super Bowl in the past three years:
"We've had a good run these last three years and I hope the fourth one is the charm. We can't worry about what has been. The only thing that matters now is what we do this season."

On coach Jim Harbaugh:
"Coach Harbaugh is his own guy. One of the things I admire the most about him is the attitude he comes to work with every day, and he tells us that you have to approach every day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind."

On how his body is holding up after seven straight Pro Bowls:
"My body feels great, but the truth of the matter is that I don't have too much longer to play in the game...I'm not one to sit up here and say that I'm going to play 16, 17 years. There are only three things that I really want that would make this whole career worth everything, and that's a Super Bowl trophy, one or multiple Defensive Player of the Year Awards and a [Hall of Fame] Canton, Ohio, jacket."