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Golden Nuggets: Black and Blue Monday

Monday, September 15, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

I think quite a few of us need cheering up so I decided to lead with the cheerleaders photo (Sorry not sorry). I'm going to keep it short here, because I don't think I can quite express my disappointment coherently. I'm going to leave you with just 4 (quite obvious) points then get right on to the links:

  1. The 49ers gave away what was a sure win.
  2. The offense committed too many turnovers.
  3. The defense committed too many penalties.
  4. If you're going to lay a stinker, you might as well do it early in the season when their is still a ton of time to recover. See there's a gold lining right there.

Now here are your depressing links to start this week. Read 'em and weep...

Game Recaps and Reviews

Ugly game, ugly loss: Bears score 21 fourth quarter points to ruin Levi's Stadium debut for 49ers (BASG)

Kaepernick's four turnovers doom 49ers in Levi's Stadium opening loss to Bears (Gin)

Gamer: 49ers Fall to Bears in Levi's® Stadium Opener (Pentis)

Instant Replay: 49ers overcome by Bears, drop Levi's opener (Maiocco)

Kaepernick's turnovers sink 49ers in 28-20 loss to resurgent Bears (Branch)

Rapid Reaction: San Francisco 49ers (Gutierrez)

49ers blow 20-7 lead in fourth quarter, fall 28-20 to Bears in Levi's Stadium opener (Inman)

What We Learned from 49ers vs. Bears (Price)

Party crashed: Kaepernick's "terrible" night spoils Levi's debut (Barrows)

49ers upended by the Bears in Levi's opener (Biderman)

Kaepernick at his worst in game 49ers should have won (Kawakami)

Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall spoil 49ers' home opener (AP)

Bears mount impressive comeback to topple 49ers (NFL)

Sunday night wrap-up: Jay Cutler leads the Bears back to win (PFT)

Bears take advantage of Kaepernick's mistakes to roll 49ers (Yahoo)

The Lonely Goat

Kap's meltdown echoes 49ers' collapse (Gutierrez)

Colin Kaepernick on penalty: ‘I didn't say anything' (Inman)

Kaepernick failed to put the Bears away in 49ers loss (Gin)


Q: Was it just me or did Jimmie Ward get burned quite a few times? | Jimmie Ward gets encouragement; Davis on crutches; Lynch makes plays (Inman)

A: No, it wasn't just me. | Marshall uses size to beat 49ers rookie Ward for three TDs (Maiocco)

Alex Boone Retains Starting Role for 49ers (Pentis)

49ers notes: Gore not ready to give up starting role just yet (Barrows)

Davis leaves with ankle injury; Gore a bright spot for offense (Branch)

49ers' Michael Crabtree has memorable birthday in Levi's Stadium opener (SJMN)

There's a chart in there listing all the penalties the 49ers have committed so far in 2 games. | San Francisco 49ers: Self-Inflicted Penalties Ruin Levi's Stadium Opener (B/R)

Harbaugh on penalties: Not allowed to talk about that (Barrows)

Purdy: Loss in home opener creates sour taste for 49ers (SJMN)

Some really good game photos posted with the blog. | Bears and 49ers: a tale of two halves (SF Gate)

Levi's Stadium Opening

Levi's Stadium: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go (NBC)

Mixed Reaction to Traffic, Transportation in 49ers Levi's Stadium Regular Season Opener (NBC)

49ers Party Turns Into Disaster (Killion)