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Carson Palmer unsure when he will return from shoulder injury

The Arizona Cardinals beat the New York Giants without quarterback Carson Palmer. We don't know yet, but odds seem decent Palmer does not play this Sunday against the 49ers.

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals beat a pretty bad New York Giants team on Sunday, but one impressive aspect of the win was doing it with their backup quarterback. Carson Palmer suffered a shoulder injury last Monday on Monday Night Football, describing it as something to do with a nerve in his throwing shoulder.

Sunday morning speculation had Palmer as a game-time decision, however, that quickly turned into a clear "he is out". Following the game, it sounds like Palmer said he was never really close to playing. Bruce Arian, on the other hand, said Palmer improved greatly over the weekend. Of course, that improvement could be from no chance, to very little chance.

We will see the first practice participation reports of the week on Wednesday. Given what we've heard, I would be surprised if Palmer practiced on Wednesday, but I suppose we could see him in a limited capacity.

The Cardinals won without Palmer, but I'd say it was more about strong work from Andre Ellington, and a good defensive effort. Drew Stanton was 14 of 29 for 167 yards, and while he did not throw a touchdown, he also avoided turning the ball over. As we saw during last night's 49ers game, that's kind of a big deal.