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4th And 9 Podcast: Week 2 49ers/Bears recap

Tre and Jason tell the sad tale of the 49ers loss to the Chicago Bears, including hordes of penalties, mistakes, and yet, some hope.

I know it hurts, but I'm betting if you listen to the intro to this show, you'll immediately feel better. If not, you might need medication.

Yeah it sucks, but let's dig into the loss vs. the Bears and then, just maybe, look ahead to the future. Look, I know, it's all over. The Super Bowl was lost last week, so what's the point, right? Oh well, guess we better make the most of the other 14 games in the mean time, though.

Seriously, let's pick ourselves up and dust-off and get back in the saddle. Jason and I are here to help you do just that.

Listen via the player above or find us on iTunes (or your favorite podcast app) by searching EITHER: "NinersNation" -OR- "4thand9". We're also on Stitcher, and here is the RSS feed to manually add to your app, if you like.