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Tre's Vines from 49ers vs. Bears: 1st Half

Some short video clips (Vines) from the week 2 match-up between the 49ers and Bears.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

As I've been doing this year, I went back and took a look at the 49ers' previous game and made some Vines of certain plays I found interesting. "Vines", if you don't know, are short video clips that play on a loop. They're quite useful for getting a look at a play over and over to really see everything that's going on. They're also handy because they can be easily viewed on mobile devices and embedded in social media and blogs.

Here are some that I did from the first half, with the second half yet-to-come, and you can check out all of my Vines by clicking RIGHT HERE.

Good placement on this pass. Boldin catches it 9/10 times Does the DB help break it up?

Confusion between Staley/Iupati here. Could have been an even bigger gain. If Gore cuts left perhaps it goes for more yardage, too?

Good play by Perrish Cox here to break up the pass without drawing interference.

Aaron Lynch forces Cutler to step up, right into the arms of Justin Smith, who had bull-rushed his way into the pocket.

Looks like Kap could have lofted this over Lance Briggs' head to Vernon if he wanted to. Or hit Carlos Hyde on the checkdown and let him get hit instead of the QB.

Just awful execution by the OL here on the ill-advised FB dive to Bruce Miller. Alex Boone completely whiffs and Jonathan Martin can't control his man.