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Colin Kaepernick fined $11,025 for inappropriate language, will appeal

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was fined $11,025 for using inappropriate language. Naturally everyone's denying everything.

Ezra Shaw

The NFL has decided to fine Colin Kaepernick $11,025 for his alleged use of inappropriate language on Sunday. Kap threw a pick in the fourth quarter, with Kyle Fuller grabbing the interception. At the end of the play, Kap and Bears defensive end Lamarr Houston got in each other's faces. Kap said something, and the ref threw the flag for unsportsmanlike conduct. Kap has said he will appeal the fine.

Houston said after the game that he did not hear anything from Kap. CSN Bay Area spoke with the official the next day, and he said, "He knows what he said." Whatever he said would end up in the officials' report to the NFL, but it is unlikely the league will ever say what he actually said.

The league talked this offseason about disciplining players for using racial or homophobic slurs. After the game, Kap said he did not say anything, and said no when specifically asked if he used a slur. Jim Harbaugh apparently received clarification from the league, but did not share it with the media.

"I don't have a stance because I don't know," Harbaugh said. "I didn't hear it. Colin's always been truthful 100 percent of the time."

I'm not at all surprised Houston said he did not hear anything. Players get heated during the game, and even if Kap said something, I can't imagine Houston would have ratted him out. Houston knows he could end up in a similar situation, so why say anything?

We don't know what Kap said and whether or not he felt what he said was a slur. He very well could have said something, but either did not believe it was a slur, or did not recall it because it was right after an interception. We don't know for certain, particularly with the mouthpiece he was wearing, and I don't expect we know anything more anytime soon.