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NFL picks against the spread, Week 3: 49ers sitting as field goal favorites

The San Francisco 49ers are 3-point favorites on the road against the Arizona Cardinals. We take a look at that game, my picks for the LVH SuperContest, and my picks for the remaining games.

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We're back for another week of my picks, including 5 picks for the LVH SuperContest. After a 2-3 start, I got back to .500 with a 3-2 performance in Week 3. I had the 49ers, Bills, Patriots, Chargers, and Bucs. I picked the Browns in my random no consequences picks, and wish I had grabbed them for my SuperContest picks. Oh well, can't win 'em all!

I've posted my picks below, but I'm still all over the place with what I'll do for the SuperContest. If I pick Thursday Night Football, I have to get all five picks in by Thursday afternoon. If I skip TNF, I have to get my picks in by Friday night. I've taken the Bucs the last two weeks and seen them lose, so they no longer get my support. But, do I go with the Falcons instead, or just stay away entirely? I'm strongly consider grabbing the Falcons.

The 49ers opened at -2.5, but the line bumped up to the 3 before locking in for the SuperContest. I would have grabbed the 49ers as a 2.5-point favorite, but at 3, I think I'm looking at a potential push. I do think the 49ers win this game on Sunday, but on the road in Arizona, it could be a close one. Hopefully the 49ers come out and blow them right out of the gates.

Other games I'm considering for the SuperContest

1. Saints seems like an easy one (which is when they get ya!).
2. Do I continue riding the Bills while they're hot?
3. Eagles at home seems tempting, but a divisional game can get messy.
4. Bengals is reeeeeeally tempting.
5. I'm leaning toward steering clear of Patriots-Raiders, but the Patriots have not done particularly well in recent history as a double-digit favorite. But I don't exactly trust the Raiders.
6. The Broncos are underdogs for the first time in 32 games! As much as I hate to do it, I might take the Seahawks for most of their home games (definitely not the 49ers game!). They seem like a team to ride until they buck you.

Any thoughts?

FALCONS vs. Buccaneers (+6) - Falcons
BILLS vs. Chargers (+2.5) - Bills
RAMS vs. Cowboys (-1.5) - Cowboys
EAGLES vs. Washington (+6.5) - Eagles
GIANTS vs. Texans (-2) - Texans
SAINTS vs. Vikings (+10.5) - Saints
BENGALS vs. Titans (+6.5) - Bengals
BROWNS vs. Ravens (-1.5) - Ravens
LIONS vs. Packers (+2.5) - Lions
JAGUARS vs. Colts (-6.5) - Jaguars
PATRIOTS vs. Raiders (+14) - Raiders
CARDINALS vs. 49ers (-3) - 49ers (likely push)
SEAHAWKS vs. Broncos (+5) - Seahawks
DOLPHINS vs. Chiefs (+4.5) - Dolphins
PANTHERS vs. Steelers (+3.5) - Panthers
JETS vs. Bears (+3) - Jets