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Fantasy football: FanDuelin' Week 3

Along with the weekly San Francisco 49er focused fantasy preview, the Fan Duelin’ series documents one man’s battle to turn a fantasy football addiction into cold hard cash through daily fantasy contests.

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Week 2 Recap

$5 50/50 Entry
Finished 23 of 100 (Top 50 win $9)
Winnings $9

Final Roster

Jake Locker $7400 - 12.26 pts
LeSean McCoy $9200 - 18.2 pts
Toby Gerhart $5800 - 2.7 pts
Michael Crabtree $6500 17.7 pts
Jordy Nelson $7900 31.4 pts
Cordarrelle Patterson $7100 - 7.6 pts
Zach Ertz $5600 - 10.6 pts
Dan Carpenter $4800 - 17 pts
San Francisco 49ers Defense $5700 - 2 pts


Despite Toby Gerhart and the San Francisco Defense trying their best to ruin my day, I prevailed pretty much on the back of Jordy Nelson's amazing game and 17 points from a kicker. I should also report that I lost a $5 Head-to-Head game CaseyRick by about 40 points. So yeah, you win some, you lose some in embarrassing fashion. This leaves me pretty much where I was last week money wise. Let's see if I can break the $60 mark in week 3.

Here is my week 3 set up:

$5 50/50 League $60,000 Player Acquisition Budget

100 players Top 50 Win $9


Matthew Stafford (Detroit Lions) $9,000

Stafford was locked down by the Carolina defense last week, but returns home to face a much softer Green Bay team. I'm hoping for a shoot out here and that Stafford keeps the turnovers to a minimum.

Running Backs

Montee Ball (Denver Broncos) $7,800

Seattle's defense isn't a top 10 unit right now and I don't believe the Seahawks goes up big early again. Other than LeSean McCoy, I don't have a good feeling about any of the top running backs this week. Ball is a top 10 talent going a bit cheaper than normal. The other back I was considering is CJ Spiller, but he'll split carries with Fred Jackson.

Ahmad Bradshaw (Indianapolis Colts) $5,200

He out snapped Trent Richardson last week and he should maintain is role as the 3rd down and red zone back. Although one of his feet may explode at any moment, I'll roll the dice with him in a 0.5 point per reception setting at this clearance price.

Wide Receivers

Jordy Nelson (Green Bay Packers) $8,600

He saved my bacon last week and I'm hoping my side of choice is safe in his hands again in week 3's game against the Lions. He is healthy and leads the league in targets and yards. I like him and Randall Cobb to put up solid numbers against a struggling Detroit secondary.

Michael Crabtree (Arizona Cardinals) $6,500

I was debating on going with him or Larry Fitzgerald this week and since Carson Palmer isn't a lock to play I'll roll with Crabtree another week. He routinely gets the best of Patrick Peterson and he looked healthy last week. Are another 6+ receptions 80 yards and a TD in the future? Not sure, but I sure like the match-up, especially if the Niners can run the ball.

Golden Tate (Detroit Lions) $5,000

It's going to be a bad day for me if this Packers/Lions game doesn't prove to be a high scoring affair. Tate has played well in both games and if Green Bay pays Calvin Johnson his due respect and pulls coverage his way then Tate should be in line for plenty of receptions and maybe...just maybe a TD.

Tight End

Jimmy Graham (New Orleans Saints) $8,400

I rarely shell out the dollars on elite tight ends, but the Saints make their home debut against the lowly Vikings defense. The worry is that the Saints make it a blow out and poor "Jimmy G" doesn't get in on the fun. I'll take my chances, but his high price tag led to my value/sleeper picks of Golden Tate and Ahmad Bradshaw. One of these three have to pay off...right?


Shayne Graham (New Orleans Saints) $4,700

An inexpensive kicker on a top notch offense with a favorable match-up? Where do I sign up?


Cleveland Browns $4,700

They'll face the Baltimore Ravens at home. Joe Flacco is good for a few sacks and at least one turnover. It was either the Browns or the Dallas Cowboys at St. Louis. I think the Browns continue to improve on D, but the Cowboys start to regress. After all, they are an injury away from playing Dan Bailey at linebacker.

Okay, wish me luck this week, unless you are in my group. In that case, prepare for the long lasting taste of defeat!

Also, if you want to find me on FanDuel my screen name is "DerekRVA" . My photo is of wrestling legend Koko B Ware. Feel free to challenge me to a head-to-head game (except you CaseyRick, you are cut off)! Or find me on Twitter @DerekRVA