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San Jose police release report surrounding May 24 incident at Ray McDonald's house

The San Jose police have released a report about an incident on May 24 at the home of Ray McDonald. While it could provide context to their relationship, it does not clear up what happened in August.

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Fooch's Update: Matt Maiocco published more of the report:

"An engaged couple (a male and female subject) were in an argument when the female subject became upset, grabbed a firearm (handgun) registered to the male subject, and held it at her side."

"When the male subject informed the female subject that he was going to call 911, the female subject put the firearm away and fled without incident. The female subject did not make any threats or point the firearm at the male subject. Both subjects have been identified and were contacted."

The Ray McDonald domestic situation has not been particularly clear with no information coming out, but we have the first sizable report. There was discussion of a pair of events at McDonald's house in May, and previous reports stated the police delay in turning the case over to the DA was due in part to finishing those investigations.

Here are some details.

Remember, this is all related to an incident on May 24, NOT the August night he was arrested.

Here is a second version of this with some additional details:

It would appear the police report portrays a situation on May 24 in which a woman at Ray McDonald's house held a gun to her own side, a make in the house threatened to call 911, the female put the gun away, and then fled the scene.

It's safe to say this only muddies the waters of what exactly is going down with this. It is easy to make assumptions about this, particularly because it would appear to portray a female (no word on who the woman is) in a negative light. However, this is only one small bit of news in what clearly is a bigger picture. If the man and woman in question are Ray McDonald and his fiancee, this does potentially add context. There is still not enough information to make any assumptions about what happened at McDonald's house when he was arrested. This is just one more piece to a complicated puzzle.