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Anthony Davis comments on the new steroid policy

HGH testing will begin at the end of this month. 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis had a snarky comment about impending testing.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL instituted a new steroid policy earlier this week, which will finally get HGH testing started. The NFL and NFLPA announced information about the testing procedures was sent out this week, and testing could begin as soon as the end of the month.

We have not heard much from players on the new testing, but Anthony Davis weighed in Thursday afternoon. I haven't seen Space Jam in years, but this is a pretty impressive movie mention. :

I honestly don't know what to expect from players around the league once testing begins. On the one hand, I would not be surprised if we hear about more positive Adderall tests. The league cannot announce what a player tested positive for, and so we hear from ether the players themselves, or anonymous sources that are probably agents indicating why they claim they tested positive.

However, it also would not surprise me if the world of performance enhancing drugs was already advancing past HGH. I'm sure it is still in us, but PED creators usually are a step or two ahead when it comes to new and improved PEDs. I think we'll see some players test positive, but I do wonder how many exactly.

And if a lot of players are using it, what kind of impact will it have when testing begins? I spoke with a doctor who specializes in PEDs, and he said the test the NFL is likely to use would track for no more than 72 hours prior. There is a bio-marker test the Olympics used, but he is not sure yet if the league would use that one. That test can reportedly track anywhere from 10-21 days previous. We'll see if anybody tests positive early on in the new testing.