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The Better Rivals Podcast, now on Niners Nation

Niners Nation is adding a second podcast to the rotation. The Better Rivals podcast will become a regular staple, alongside the 4th and 9 podcast.

Starting this season the Better Rivals podcast is on Niners Nation!

I know what you're thinking: "Wait - what the heck is ‘Better Rivals'? And don't you mean Bitter Rivals? Sheesh, get your own name right."

Well, hypothetical reader, let's crack open a beer and chat for a sec.

The Better Rivals podcast is all about making you a better rival in any football conversation (I know, I know. We love puns too). How do we do that? We give you an unbiased deep dive into the offensive and defensive strategies of the San Francisco 49ers. We'll break down offensive concepts like the Read Option, Smash and 4-3 under. Oh - and we REALLY love saying "Inverted Veer." We'll look at the team's advanced stats and break down the game in a way you can't get on regular ‘ol sports talk radio.

That's what we do, but who the heck are we? You're probably already familiar with David Neumann's excellent work on this site. David is a Niner fan from Nevada who takes his fury for the mispronounced version of his home state and uses it to fuel hours of film breakdown (Fooch's Note: I wholeheartedly agree on this issue). Every now and then he emerges from the cave he calls a ‘film room" (it's just his closet) and spends a little more than an hour with me talking shop.

I comprise the other half of the Better Rivals duo. My name is Oscar Aparicio and I grew up in the Bay Area during the 49ers glory years. My first football memory was watching John Taylor and Joe Montana put the final dagger in the Bengals collective hearts in 1989. So naturally, I fell in love with the best pro football team to ever snap a chin strap. I've been on the interwebs chatting about the 49ers in some capacity since 2003 when I started writing for 49erswebzone, but two years ago decided to give this whole podcast thing a serious go. Turns out we not only have a blast recording the show, but some of you crazy kids apparently like listening to us, too.

Every Wednesday night we'll post our breakdowns of the previous game and the preview of the upcoming games so you can shock and awe your pals with your new degree in Football-ology. It's in the mail, I promise. Tre9er will still have his news, analysis, and interview-centered show on Niners Nation. The two podcasts are like the peanut butter and jelly of your 49ers podcast sandwich.

If you want to connect with us between shows, make sure to follow us on Twitter (OscarDavid) and Facebook. We might have day jobs, but everyone needs to lose productivity SOME time.

And as always, Go Niners!