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Antoine Bethea, Bruce Ellington, Trey Millard among 49ers with new jersey numbers

The 49ers had some players change numbers this week. We've got a few of the changes, and can expect more.

Thomas B. Shea

The San Francisco 49ers cut down to their 53-man roster over the weekend, and that means there are some changes to uniform numbers. A lot of rookies and new players picked jersey numbers this summer while their sometimes preferred number might have been taken.

Bruce Ellington is switching from No. 3 to No. 10, safety Antoine Bethea appears to have announced he is switching from No. 24 to No. 41 and Trey Millard changed from 44 to 33. I wonder if they'll ever retire Roger Craig's number? At the very least it seems like he deserves a mention on the 49ers ring of honor. The Hall of Fame might not be in his future, so we'll see if the 49ers find any additional honors for one of the greatest running backs in franchise history.

Offensive lineman Dillon Farrell will also likely be getting a new number, as he shares No. 63 with Tony Jerod-Eddie. And finally, Derek Carrier and L.J. McCray shared 46 during camp, so one of them will be changing jerseys. We'll update when more is known.

Back to your regular scheduled 49ers programming...

Fooch's Update - The 49ers published the full list of new numbers:

WR Bruce Ellington - 10
CB Kenneth Acker - 24
CB Keith Reaser - 27
L.J. McCray - 31
FB Trey Millard - 33
Antoine Bethea - 41
OL Dillon Farrell - 56
LB Chase Thomas - 58
Fouimalo Fonoti - 62
DL Kaleb Ramsey - 68