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49ers loss to Cardinals in 5 often NSFW words

Everybody had some thoughts on the 49ers loss to the Cardinals. Here are a collection of 5 words on this ugly loss.

Christian Petersen

Just for the heck of it, I decided to query folks on Twitter to get 5 words to describe the 49ers loss. It might have been better to do this a day later after people have calmed down, but there is something to be said for pure unadulterated rage in the minutes after an ugly defeat.

Feel free to contribute your own five words. There were too many tweets to include here. Click HERE to see all the replies. There were several common themes, as one might expect, and plenty of foul language. There were some tweets of general shock. There were plenty of tweets raging about the refs. There were tweets about discipline. I lost track of the number of "fire Roman" tweets. We even got some "fire Harbaugh" tweets. All in all, fun times!