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Frank Gore almost speechless with disappointment following 49ers loss

49ers running back Frank Gore met with the media after the 49ers Week 3 loss. He was almost speechless with disappointment. We take a look at what he had to say, and what it's really about.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore spoke with the media following Sunday's loss to the Arizona Cardinals, and he was almost speechless. CSN Bay Area has the video, and given the annoyance of auto-play, I'll just link to it. Gore was asked about his limited use (6 carries in the game).

Gore: You know, I guess, you know, how, that was...I didn't know. We did what the defense gave us. The looks they gave us, that's what we did.

Media: What was the look they gave you?

Gore: I guess...look what we did. What we did on the field, that's the look they gave us. Y'all can answer that. Y'all saw the game. You know, I'm alright man. I can't talk right now. I'm sorry, I can't talk. Alright?

Some media have talked about Gore being unhappy with the 49ers offensive game plan, but I think that goes for the cliched storyline. Gore is frustrated following the loss, but I don't believe this is strictly about the game plan. I do think Gore thinks more rushing opportunities would have helped, but if the 49ers had pulled this game out through the air, I'm pretty sure Gore would not have complained about carries.

People automatically assume when a player is disappointed after a loss in which he did not get many touches, it is an issue of carries. While Gore's touches are part of the equation, it is more about how he could have helped the team, as opposed to simply looking for his numbers. I probably do not need to tell many of you this, but there are a lot of national folks who don't get that not every personality fits into the usual cliches boxes.

In the earlier part of his career, Gore wanted to be the guy on the field because he felt he was the best option. I think he still thinks he's a great option, but he also recognizes that Carlos Hyde is a dynamic alternative. We can even look to Gore's contract situation as an example of how he is not your traditional professional athlete. He is in the final year, and knows he may or may not return next year. Maybe inside he is not pleased, but he has repeatedly told the media he is ready for whatever the next stage of his career begins. I believe it all comes down to Gore recognizing he has to do whatever it takes to take home a Lombardi Trophy this year.

I'm sure every fan thinks one of their guys is team first, and only looking for a ring, but with Gore it seems like so much more than some kind of trite statement.