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Ray McDonald's home was burglarized, because of course it was

San Jose police have confirmed to Bay Area media that someone broke into Ray McDonald's home over the weekend while McDonald was in Arizona. The burglary was reported around 10:45 p.m. on Saturday, and the burglars stole a variety of personal items, but primarily electronics.

This really has no bearing on anything at this point, but naturally it is news because of Ray McDonald's arrest for suspicion of domestic violence. However, the one thing that it does tell us is that people probably should just avoid that block in San Jose. This is the same spot where Aldon Smith ran into a tree while driving drunk. Add in this burglary and McDonald's arrest late last month, and it just seems like all sorts of craziness go down over there.

In the KRON 4 video above, the reporter says local residents have dealt with some burglaries a few months back, and are looking for a greater police presence in the neighborhood. Things are getting crazy in San Jose!

I actually recommend checking out the video. The latter half is kind of funny as they talk about the expensive house, and speculate on what might be going on with it. Local news is always entertaining.