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Darnell Dockett has tickets for Cardinals fan helping security guard during brawl with 49ers fans

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Fooch's Update: it would appear Dockett is offering tickets to the fan who helped the security guard getting choked out.

Sunday was kind of a wild day at the 49ers-Cardinals game. Aside from just the loss, 49ers and Cardinals fans got into a nasty brawl in the stands. It's a really nasty fight, with quite a bit of blood on the ground as the fight wrapped up. It seemed to involve quite a few fans on both sides. I don't want to embed it here, but if you want to watch the fight, it's over at YouTube. It's pretty gruesome for a fan fight.

And now Darnell Dockett has weighed in:

Oh, Darnell. He jokes about all kinds of stuff on Twitter, so I'm just going to hope he's just trying to be funny. The fight itself was one of the worst I've seen in some time. And it as an example of why no fan base is really immune to criticism.

I'm sure someone or some people "started it", but anything that devolves to this level of brawling is wildly unacceptable. People on both sides will blame the opposing fans, but this is just childish crap across the board. Just because one side may have started it does not justify the other side piling on. I get defending yourself in a fight, but this clearly got way the heck out of hand.