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Stevie Johnson's fantasy work team looking for big performers

Stevie Johnson demands excellence from his fantasy work team. Some folks are providing points, others are clearly mailing it in. Where do you stand?

Norm Hall

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Stevie Johnson put together his best game as a 49er on Sunday, hauling in nine receptions for 103 yards. That had to make some fantasy football owners happy, although it is likely not many were starting him. The 49ers acquired Johnson this past offseason, and he is situated as the No. 3 receiver in an offense that can be wildly unpredictable in how it uses the passing game.

I would not be surprised if Johnson has received some tweets demanding better results for fantasy teams. That has become a thing, with people thanking or criticizing a player on Twitter because of their performance the previous Sunday.

Stevie Johnson decided to get in on the act today:

On its own, the tweet made me laugh. But then people started responding. This might be my favorite:

Here are some other responses. Check out a ton of them in this search. How are you performing for Stevie Johnson's fantasy work team?