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Dan Skuta says he has not been fined for hit on Drew Stanton

The NFL decided not to fine Dan Skuta, which indicates his hit on Drew Stanton was legal. Too bad the 49ers do not get the 15 yards back.


San Francisco 49ers outside linebacker Dan Skuta told the media he has not received a fine for his hit on Drew Stanton. A player usually receives the FedEx envelope with fine information by this point in the week.

Skuta was penalized 15 yards for a late hit on Stanton when the Cardinals QB went into a slide on a scramble. Replay clearly showed Skuta began lowering his shoulder for the hit just before or right at the moment Stanton went into his slide. Here is a slow motion replay of the hit:

In the heat of the moment, I am not surprised the officials threw the flag. The NFL has increased the rules for protecting defenseless players, and officials are erring on the side of extra caution in such instances. Unfortunately, the 49ers do not get back the 15 yards. As Anquan Boldin pointed out, the NFL acknowledges the mistake and that's about it. The 49ers lost 15 yards on the Skuta hit, and then another 15 on a bogus penalty against Patrick Willis the very next play (no word if Willis was fined).

There remains no replay of personal fouls though, so we are left to just sit and take it because the NFL is too incompetent to fix the situation.