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Better Rivals: Time to press the panic button on the 49ers season?

This week the Better Rivals podcast details the concepts behind the 49ers 5-wide formations and explain the late-game meltdown in Arizona. They also break down what to expect from Chip Kelly’s high-flying Philadelphia Eagles offense.

Christian Petersen

In this week’s edition of the Better Rivals Podcast, we put the 49ers new 5-wide package under the microscope, detail their continued second-half struggles, and tell you why those struggles are unlikely to continue. Our attention then moves to the Philadelphia Eagles where we get you prepared for San Francisco’s Week 4 match-up. We break down the foundation of Chip Kelly’s offense — why they might struggle executing it with a banged up offensive line — and why the 49ers are likely to spend another week trying to defend the deep ball. All that, plus are the 49ers digging themselves too deep of a hole?

Concepts Covered: Stick-Levels, Hi-Lo, Inside Zone, Packaged Plays, Quarters Coverage