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South Park thinks Gideon Yu is running the 49ers

South Park tore apart Dan Snyder and the NFL in their 18th season opener. They mentioned the 49ers briefly, and actually had somewhat incorrect information.

South Park

South Park opened its 18th season Wednesday evening, and they hit a home run. The episode involved Cartman creating a kick starter so he could bring in money without doing anything. He named his company "Washington Redskins", which brought Dan Snyder to town. Of course, the federal trademark board ruling means Snyder could not sue Cartman for using the name.

If you get a chance, I highly recommend watching the episode, as South Park absolutely thrashes Dan Snyder and the NFL. You can check out a 2:40 highlight clip.

I bring it up here for a couple reasons. The first is that you really need to watch it. The second is because there is an amusing scene that briefly mentions the 49ers. At one point, Dan Snyder is appealing to Roger Goodell to do something about Cartman's company. Goodell responds with phrasing from his press conference last Friday, but what is amazing is that they pipe in audio from the actual press conference. Here are two quick clips.

After that, Snyder calls all the owners on Skype, which results in a big screen with the owners. In the scene, they actually include former 49ers president Gideon Yu, as opposed to Jed York.

The 49ers brought Yu in to help with the stadium project, giving him a small ownership slice as well. He has since stepped down in early January, but retains his ownership stake.

I find it kind of funny that they used Yu instead of Jed, John, or Denise York. I'm not concerned one way or the other, but it seems a little odd. Yu is still listed on the front office page as a co-owner, at the bottom of the short list. Maybe they just found him on the page and decided to go with him. I'm not entirely sure.

Either way, if you get Comedy Central, watch this episode when it re-airs at 9:30 p.m. PT. There are so many great scenes. One of the best has them going after Jerry Jones. Check it out here (the actual episode did not include "Pony")