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Golden Nuggets: Still not making any sense

Thursday, August 25, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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Good morning everyone. I am running a little late on this, but I'll try and get as many links as I can. As always, feel free to include anything I missed. Over the past few days, I have done everything in my power to stay away from the sports media. Because every time I think about the last two games I just get a really bad combination of angry and depressed. Outside of complaining in the moment, I tend to think complaining about officiating is pointless because in the end, the number of bad calls usually regress to the mean. Through three games that does not seem to be the case, so In my book, complaining is fair game. Even from someone like Anquan Boldin who royally screwed up on Sunday.

Talking about officiating is depressing, but the football that has been played outside of the first quarter has also been pretty depressing. I really think officiating ties into the second half struggles, the defense being forced to stay on the field and all. But that does not explain why the offense has been so terrible. Why does Kap look like a superstar in one half, then so mediocre the next? I honestly do not know, but everyone seems to have their own theories. Anyways, lets get to those links.

Identity Crisis: 49ers offense has become too confusing for everyone (Gin)

49ers vs. Cardinals Film Review: Tempers flare, phantom penalties (Gin)

Ted Robinson on KNBR: "I had women thanking me for saying what was on the air here." (BASG)

Frank Gore: 'I Just Want to Win' (49ers)

Niners Lead NFL In Penalties (Scout)

Can NFC powers overcome red flags to remain Super Bowl contenders? (USA Today)

Niners met with Chip Kelly to learn read-option (NFL)

Harbaugh, Eagles’ Kelly have interesting history (Barrows)

49ers notes: Davises practice, Gore jokes and Cleveland re-signs (Barrows)

Willis sits out Wednesday's 49ers practice with injury (Maiocco)

Purdy: Case of 49ers' Ray McDonald needs resolution (Mercury News)

49ers RT Anthony Davis returns to practice (Maiocco)

Harbaugh, Kaepernick put no labels on 49ers' offense (Maiocco)

Harbaugh says he’s never complained about officiating (Barrows)