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Can the 49ers finally finish strong against an Eagles team that already finishes strong?

The San Francisco 49ers are dominant in the first half, then fall apart in the second half. Amazingly enough, their Week 4 opponent, the Philadelphia Eagles, are the exact opposite. What gives?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We're back for another week of Marshall Faulk's questions on behalf of GMC. This week, Marshall is asking "what has been the most well-crafted aspect of your team so far?"

I could not help but chuckle at this question given the 49ers opponent this week. Our friends at Bleeding Green Nation answered the question by pointing to the Philadelphia Eagles second half scoring. The Eagles are first in the NFL, scoring 24.7 points per game in the second half. The Eagles are 3-0, thanks entirely to those second half comebacks. The Eagles are the first team in NFL history to open the season 3-0 while also trailing by double digits in all three games.

I laugh because as we all know, the San Francisco 49ers are basically the opposite of that. The 49ers lead the NFL with 19.7 points per game in the first half. They jumped out to big leads on the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears, while also putting together an impressive first half against the Arizona Cardinals. On the other hand, the 49ers are dead last in second half scoring. They have scored 3 points total in the second half of their first three games. Averaging 1.0 points per game in the second half is kind of a problem.

The question becomes how exactly have the 49ers crafted a set of well-performing first half performances, and then gone in the tank in the second half? While the 49ers and Eagles likely reach their strong halves for different reasons, it does tell us that both are capable of big performances.

The question is how to put it all together, and that is something the 49ers have struggled to figure out. They were asked about this after Sunday's loss to the Cardinals, and all the players and coaches could come up with was "look at the film". That obviously is an important part of this, but they actually need to find things within the film to show them what the deal is.

Having watched three games, what do you think is the issue? In my mind it seems like adjustments are the issue. The opposing team takes the 49ers first half punches, comes back out for the second half with their plan, and the 49ers are not sufficiently adjusting. In-game adjustments seem to be a problem, but I could be wrong. What do you think is causing the 49ers to go from the best first half team to the worst second half team?

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