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Frank Gore clarifies his thoughts on the spread attack and winning

Some national media suggested Frank Gore was unhappy with his touches last week against the Cardinals. The 49ers running back made it very clear he is all about winning.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

A few days after national media were talking about Frank Gore grousing about his carries, the San Francisco 49ers running back was very clear about how he feels. Cam Inman got this quick Instagram video of Gore's comments:

The San Francisco 49ers caught the Arizona Cardinals off guard in the first half last week, mixing in extensive 4- and 5-WR formations. The 49ers went to a hurry-up offense to open the game, and it helped them put 14 points on the board in the first half. Frank Gore and Carlos Hyde were not significant parts of the offense, and Gore's comments after the game were misinterpreted as being strictly about carries.

However, as we said the next day, Gore was frustrated by the loss. Sure, he likely figured a little more run probably would have helped them salt away the lead, but this was always about the win, and not his personal stats. There is a big difference that some folks don't seem to get. Gore has accomplished virtually everything he can in his playing career, short of winning the Super Bowl. As he says in the video above, it is all about winning, and nothing else.