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South Park replaces Gideon Yu with Jed York on replays of Dan Snyder, NFL episode

South Park produced a spectacular season opening episode that skewered Dan Snyder, the NFL and Kickstarter. They made one small random error with the 49ers, and have since corrected it.

South Park

Earlier this week, South Park aired their 18th season opener, and it was a doozy. The show skewered the NFL, Dan Snyder, and Kickstarter. At one point, Dan Snyder has called a meeting of all the NFL owners via Skype. They show all the owners on a screen, and at that point I noticed something odd. They listed current owners for each team, except the San Francisco 49ers. For the 49ers, the episode used former team president, and current minority owner Gideon Yu. I figured I'd write something quick about it, which you can see HERE.

Late last night, someone tweeted at me that Jed York was showing up on the Hulu version of the episode. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have made every episode available at South Park's website, so I took a look at the episode. And as the picture above shows, they did indeed correct it. Jed York is now featured in place of Gideon Yu.

I mentioned @SouthPark in my tweet of the article, and San Jose Mercury News reporter Mike Rosenberg contacted Comedy Central about it, and it would seem they actually took the questions seriously. The whole thing is a little surreal, but it's kind of cool. I should probably demand a producer credit!