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Jim Harbaugh explains why the 49ers field goal was blocked by 9 Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals blocked a 49ers field goal attempt last Sunday with only nine players. Jim Harbaugh provided some insight into why that happened.

Christian Petersen

One of the low points of the San Francisco 49ers 23-14 loss to the Arizona Cardinals was having a Phil Dawson field goal attempt blocked by only nine Arizona Cardinals. The fourth quarter attempt saw the 49ers line up with an offset line for some reason, while the Cardinals were lined up with only nine players on the field. Tommy Kelly got leverage up the middle on Joe Staley and was able to block the kick.

It turns out miscommunication was to blame. Jim Harbaugh met with the media Friday afternoon, and he explained why the Cardinals were able to block the kick. According to Coach Harbaugh, the team initially had a fake field goal called. Apparently somehow that was changed, but half the line still thought a fake was coming. My guess would be that Staley was one of those players, given how easily he seemed to let Kelly through the line.

It does not give the 49ers a second chance on that, but it at least provides some kind of explanation on what was a bizarre event.