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49ers' Anquan Boldin, Jonathan Martin, Eric Reid fined for Cardinals game infractions

Boldin, Martin and Reid were all given small fines for bone-headed plays against the Cardinals in Week 3.

Norm Hall

There were some very bad penalties called against the San Francisco 49ers in Week 3. A lot of plays that most of us obviously feel should not have been called. The penalties against Patrick Willis and Dan Skuta were particularly egregious and upsetting, and eventually caused me to turn the game off, something I often say I'm going to do but rarely ever go through with.

But not all of them were bad, and while the league correctly recognized that Willis and Skuta should not have been penalized and therefore were not fined, they also gave fines to those that were in the wrong. Wide receiver Anquan Boldin, safety Eric Reid and offensive tackle Jonathan Martin were all given fines by the league, as reported by Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area.

Boldin was fined for his bone-headed headbutt of Cardinals defender Tony Jefferson. People can say that Jefferson was talking all they want -- Boldin should know better. Martin was fined for an equally bone-headed clipping penalty when he completely missed his blocker by a mile, but Colin Kaepernick was already scrambling and it had no effect on the play. Reid was fined for grabbing an opponent's facemask.

All three were fined $8,268 apiece. That's not a large sum by any means. Would would assume it's something like entry level for this kind of fine, at the very least.

Maiocco does note that there's no word on whether or not Boldin was fined for his comments about the officiating after the game. The league doesn't typically provide that data but I think anybody who believes Boldin didn't get an extra fine is a little naive. The league doesn't want these players saying a single thing and I imagine the penalties are much harsher than $8,268.