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Ray McDonald court date cancelled 'unless or until' charges are filed

Ray McDonald's scheduled Monday court date has been cancelled, with no make-up date yet scheduled. We take a look at what all this means.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The San Jose Police Department continues their investigation of Ray McDonald, and a Monday court date has been cancelled. According to the Santa Clara District Attorney's office, a new court date will not be scheduled "unless or until" charges are filed.

The investigation began a little over three weeks ago, stretching out to include a pair of May incidents. Police went to McDonald's house twice in May, but neither time resulted in an arrest. Last week, the police released an incident report as part of their investigation of a May 24 incident. The police claimed it was released due to significant media demand. Of course, there is just as much demand for details on what happened August 30 and 31 at McDonald's house, but nothing has come of it to date.

I get the notion that the public would want info on the May incidents, but to release that and release nothing related to the August incident remains questionable. Add in this decision to not set a new court date unless or until charges are filed, and it seems to lay the PR groundwork for eventually not filing charges against McDonald. Who knows when we'll actually find out what's what with all this.