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Pro Football Focus takes a look at Eagles tendencies

The Philadelphia Eagles have gotten off to a 3-0 start thanks to a prolific second half offense. However, they have also struggled at times due to injuries. We consider some of that as the San Francisco 49ers prepare for this Week 4 matchup.

Rich Schultz

The Philadelphia Eagles have jumped out to a 3-0 start on the season, thanks to a strong offense. They lead the NFL in second half scoring, and their high pace has made it difficult for opponents to adjust. As the San Francisco 49ers get ready for this game, Pro Football Focus 49ers writer Jeff Deeney put together a preview of the Eagles, and has since also tweeted out various facts and figures I thought I'd share.


  • Nick Foles leads the NFL with 26 pass attempts of 20+ yards downfield, also leads with 4 TDs on those attempts.  11 of those targets (tied for league high) have been to Jeremy Maclin.
  • The Eagles will be without Evan Mathis (PFF's No. 1 ranked guard in 2011, 2012, and 2013), and center Jason Kelce (No. 1 center in 2013). David Molk replaced Kelce for 46 snaps last week, and earned a -5.3 grade while allowing 4 QB pressures.
  • Daren Sproles has lined up at running back for 71 of his 78 snaps. In New Orleans he lined up at WR 40 percent of the time. The Eagles have run 6 RB screen passes this year, completing five, with three going to Sproles, and two going to LeSean McCoy
  • The Eagles have used 3+ WR personnel on 58.2 percent of their offensive snaps this season.


  • Every member of the Eagles defensive line has a negative pass rush grade, and the line has yet to record a sack this season.  Starting OLB's Connor Barwin (+1.0) and Trent Cole (+1.1) have positive pass rush grades through the first three games.
  • The Eagles have blitzed on 42.2 percent of pass plays this season.
  • Philadelphia has used their 3-4 base package on 66.4 percent of their defensive snaps, including 86 of 103 (83.5 percent) first down snaps.