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49ers prepared to discipline Ray McDonald if charged in domestic violence case

Chris Mortensen has an interesting report about what the 49ers might do if Ray McDonald is charged in his current domestic violence case. It lines up with some of the reports we've seen the last month.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Two days after the Santa Clara DA announced they would not set a new court date for Ray McDonald until or unless they will charge him in his domestic violence case, Chris Mortensen has a notable report. According to league sources, if McDonald is charged in the case, the 49ers are prepared to suspend him or terminate his contract.

The actual chance of charges being filed remains a big question mark. However, based on what we've heard over the last month, it would not surprise me if the 49ers did in fact discipline at the charging stage, rather than through the full legal process. Reports the last few weeks have indicated the 49ers believe McDonald is either completely innocent, or there are some kind of mitigating factors.

This Mortensen report would indicate that if he was charged, this would mean McDonald potentially had not told the 49ers everything, or had lied to them. We are still waiting for charges to be filed, and at this point, I would not be surprised if charges were not filed. For now though, we are left to wait.