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Michael Crabtree returns to field after foot injury

The San Francisco 49ers have lost wide receiver Michael Crabtree to a foot injury. He has gone to the locker room and is questionable to return.

Ezra Shaw

Fooch's Update No. 2: Crabtree returned to the game shortly after, and looks good to go.

Fooch's Update: Crabtree has returned to the sideline in new cleats. No word on his updated status.

The San Francisco 49ers are without one of their playmakers, as wide receiver Michael Crabtree has gone to the locker room with a foot injury. Crabtree suffered the injury fairly early on a bubble screen. He was turned around on the 2-yard gain, and limped off the field. He took his left cleat off and spent a chunk of time rolling the foot over what looked like a softball. He has since departed for the locker room and he is officially "questionable" to return.

Anquan Boldin becomes the 49ers No. 1 wide receiver, while Brandon Lloyd and Stevie Johnson are splitting time behind him. The 49ers rolled out Lloyd as the No. 3 receiver to start the game, but I don't know that there is a sufficient distinction to call one now the No. 2 and one the No. 3. We'll see a little bit of both of them, and of course, we'll see plenty of Vernon Davis.

The 49ers currently trail 7-3 with 3:32 left in the first quarter.