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Colin Kaepernick connects with Frank Gore on ridiculous touchdown catch and run

How about a GIF of Colin Kaepernick to Frank Gore on a ridiculous 55-yard catch and run touchdown?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers took a 10-7 lead on the Philadelphia Eagles early in the second quarter thanks to an absolutely absurd play. Colin Kaepernick rolled to his left and could not find an open receiver. He then chucked it up almost the entire width of the field to Frank Gore. The 49ers running back was wide open, caught it, turned up field, and scored the touchdown.

This play showed off the ridiculous arm strength and athleticism of Colin Kaepernick. He scrambled away to the left and then threw the ball entirely across his body to Gore. It's not the throw coaches want to see normally, but with Gore open, Kap knew he could make the throw.

The 55-yard catch and run was the longest reception of Gore's career. Everything about the play was ridiculous, but given how the last two weeks have gone for the 49ers, maybe they just needed a little bit of ridiculousness to get things going.