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NFL has votes to make personal fouls eligible for instant replay in 2015, per Ian Rapoport

The NFL has had a problem with flag-happy referees making some bad calls on personal fouls. The league may now have the votes to add personal fouls to instant replay for 2015.

Jonathan Daniel

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport is reporting the NFL has the votes necessary among owners to make personal foul penalties reviewable under the instant replay policy. This proposal was brought up this past fall, but came up four votes short. According to Rapoport, four teams that voted against the proposal would now vote for it, and it will be back on the owner's agenda.

The San Francisco 49ers have dealt with multiple instances in which they were called for personal fouls that replay showed were bad calls. While we focus primarily on the 49ers, I'm sure we could bet a lot of money that other teams have complained about similar calls. And that is likely why at least four teams are prepared to change their votes. Some might have seen examples of poor calls with other teams, but I bet at least one or two of those teams have been hosed by bad personal foul calls.

I don't think replay will get every bad call reversed, but it will go a long way to cleaning up what has been a problem area. The NFL has made numerous rule changes to increase scoring and decrease big hits on offensive players. This has resulted in refs more inclined to err on the side of caution and throw a flag. This results in numerous bad calls that currently are not reviewable. As long as teams retain the same number of challenges, there is no reason to not allow such plays to be reviewed. In reality, any play should be reviewable, but at the very least, I think any penalty that moves the ball more than 10 yards should be reviewable. A 50-yard pass interference call can swing a game just as much or more than a fumble. Why not allow review for such a play?