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Deion Sanders says Michael Crabtree not his source for players not pleased with Jim Harbaugh

Deion Sanders said on Sunday that 49ers players are not down with Jim Harbaugh. A day later, he says Michael Crabtree is not his source for this report.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Over the weekend, NFL Network had a couple of reports about San Francisco 49ers players being unhappy with Jim Harbaugh. Ian Rapoport had his second report of the month on the displeasure, and that was followed up on Sunday night by Deion Sanders saying the 49ers were not down with Jim Harbaugh and potentially wanted him out.

Once that report came out, people were quick to try and connect this to Michael Crabtree. Sanders and Crabtree share the same agent, and reports have them particularly close. It is not a shock people would figure Sanders was speaking on behalf of Crabtree. A day removed from his comments, Sanders offered up a clarification that was a little odd:

He clarifies that Crabtree is not his source for the 49ers player displeasure, and then says his sources wear uniforms, suits and ties. Players wear uniforms, so I'm not sure why he would add that in without further clarification. But Deion has said some stupid things in the past, so I suppose it is not shocking he would add some confusion via Twitter.

There has been chatter about player dissatisfaction, but no specifics on who is saying what. Crabtree is an easy target given his connection to Sanders, but also the dissatisfaction many fans have had with him during his time with the 49ers. Deion is saying Crabtree isn't his source. It could be Eugene Parker, which could mean indirectly Crabtree, but I don't see anything to prove that other than just stringing names together at this point.

Maybe the 49ers can just string some wins together and move this to the back-page for at least a little bit. I think that would be a good thing.