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Ray McDonald synopsis includes little information, teammates say they saw nothing

The investigation into Ray McDonald's domestic violence arrest continues, and information is slowly coming out. We have some new information fro Mike Garafolo, but not much else.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

The San Francisco 49ers continue to work their way through an investigation of Ray McDonald's domestic violence arrest, and there is not much new information out there. Wednesday saw a couple pieces of information come out, but nothing of real significance at this point.

The San Jose police department released a synopsis of the arrest, which according to the beat writers was three sentences long. It simply said the victim had visible injuries, and the suspect was booked into county jail for domestic violence. The police said they will not release the report to the public, and that only the victim or the victim's representative can obtain a copy of the complete report.

Tuesday was the first day of player media availability since the arrest. According to Vernon Davis, 50-75 percent of the team was at McDonald's house for his birthday. Davis said he was on his way out and saw cops around, but did not see anything that led to the cops showing up. I'm not exactly shocked Davis is saying this. I doubt players in general would share this kind of thing with the media, but additionally, by all indications McDonald is among the more popular players, so it makes sense that we would not hear anything.

Last night, Fox Sports 1's Mike Garafolo reported that players were aware that McDonald and his fiancee had broken up at one point, and been bickering. This is the first real mention of any problems within the relationship, but more to the point, it is the first bit of information being leaked out. At some point more information will come out about this, but for now, McDonald's first court date is scheduled for September 15. I doubt we learn anything new then, but the legal process will continue.